The Nightingale ♪

Blue Version


Neon Glow

Poster Edges

Since discovering such grim facts and historical references to modern fairy tales, I have been researching lighter stories written by Hans Christian Andersen. I love his style of writing; simple yet gripping as it makes you want to read on.

Whilst reading his book last night, I came across a story called 'The Nightingale' in which a small bird spreads joy and hope over a forest in China to whoever has the privelege to hear it sing. Sitting on its branch it effortlessly chirps its song filling the small community with sheer joy and happiness.

Anyway, as it turns out, I forgot my door key today and was left sitting in the conservatory for a good two hours unable to do anything. I noticed a box on the floor and after rummaging through it I discovered an old brown paper pad I bought last year and had misplaced. As usual I had a pen in my pocket (it's just habit) and decided to portray the tale I had read the night before. Afterwards, I decided it was too ordinary and therefore added text. Later on, I edited it through Photoshop- adding various Hues and filters to see the outcome. I am glad to say I think each one possess a unique quality!